About Us


Our mission is to bring wellness (mental + emotional + physical health) to masses through training and advocacy.

The path to fulfilling our mission goes through the following milestones. They define the course of action.

  1. Nurturing and promoting authenticity of wellness resources and traditions like yoga, meditation and food as medicine
  2. Wellness advocacy
  3. Programs that bring multi-level transformation
  4. The “collective” approach


At MWI we believe that wellness is a basic human right, just like food, water, and shelter. That’s why we decided to create a robust platform to ensure that everyone has access to world-class wellness resources. Our founder and President, Dhanashree Ram sees MWI as a means to truly democratizing wellness. 

In 2014 when we first hosted a mega celebration of the International Day of Yoga, we saw and heard how much first-hand access to wellness tools helped people. That impact encouraged us to take on the task of bringing wellness to the masses in a more structured and sustained manner. We identified “advocacy” and “education” as two main areas that needed attention to make wellness integral to contemporary social evolution. In 2017 we formally registered as a non-profit organization dedicated to the mission of bringing wellness to the masses through advocacy and education. 

Wellness advocacy and education- both don’t fit in any templates or standardized conventions for setting or accomplishing goals. Our founder charted an action-oriented framework that translates into three projects that help us trailblaze with confidence. Together HI-5, Mass Wellness Festival and Wellness Business Network create a space for engagement and dialogue between all parties associated with wellness as a practice, wellness as a business and wellness as a social agenda. As we step into 2022, we are ready to take our programs and message to all people in the countries in the neighborhood and around. 



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