First Responders First.


HI-5 program is a game changer in the field of stress-relief. The techniques taught in the program offer desired outcomes of meditation without commitment of hours of practice. We realized that First responders need all the help they can get to deal with the mental, emotional and physical stresses that they experience as a part of their job. Study indicates that many first responders suffer from symptoms of trauma and trauma-related diseases. 66% of first responders have PTSD and they use alcohol to deal with it.

Another study confirms that 85% of career and 71% of volunteer firefighters reported alcohol abuse. 95% of police suicides are associated with depression and alcohol abuse. Meditation is a proven solution to reduce impact of trauma. Yet, it is not one of the preferred stress-relief practices for first responders. That’s because traditional meditation demands a long-term and regular practice. Also, some of the contemporary popular avenues to access meditation instructions require specific props that are not readily available at the time. HI-5 program is designed to resolve both those issues

The techniques taught in the program take 1-2 mins to practice. First responders can easily fit it in their schedule and use the techniques when they need help. The techniques are easy to learn and do not need any external props. The program is effective in co-occurring disorders and provides holistic solution for sustainable results. It’s our mission to take the HI-5 program to all first responders in the country.


1-2 minutes techniques based on ancient science and wisdom of meditation.

The 5 techniques taught in the program are based on ancient vedic wisdom of meditation. These techniques defy the common understanding of meditation as an activity with restrictions of sitting down at one place for long time. They allow the practitioners to avail outcomes of meditation such as focus, stability and ability to be in the present moment in any situation.

FREE of cost to all first responders.

We understand the importance of stress-relief tools for the first responders. We are committed to bringing the HI-5 program to first responders around the country. We do not want finances to be a limiting and deciding factor. So the program is available for free to all first-responders.

Video-based instructions and in-person workshops.

First responders have a very demanding lifestyle. It may not be always possible to attend a workshop. We wanted to make it easy for the first responders to take advantage of the HI-5 program. The HI-5 program is available via video as well as workshop.

No pre-requisites or credentials required.

The HI-5 program is open to all. There are no pre-requisites to the program.

No side-effects.

Our study confirms that there are no known side effects to any of the techniques practiced as part of the HI-5 program. Any medication or external props are NOT needed or used to practice the techniques.

Proven to instantly reduce stress and stress-related symptoms.

Over 80% participants in the survey confirmed reduction in stress-related symptoms after using the techniques.

A poster with all instructions in detail for reference.

A visual reference is always helpful. A poster with instructions for practice and other details is available. Write to us for a poster for your department.




1. Your work email ID. (.gov, .org, .edu or hospital where you serve as a first responder.)

2. Uninterrupted Internet connection to download the video.

What to expect?

You will receive a link to the video in email once you submit the request.


Take HI-5 to your town/ city Video instructions help learning techniques and in-person workshops can add to the understanding further. The 1-hour in-person workshops are designed to allow interaction, in-depth training and meaningful sharing. These workshops also help to build and maintain a community that nurtures the culture of self-care, all-round wellness, regular practice and advanced communication on issues related to stress. Study suggests that having such support group increases productivity and motivation for members.

These techniques are of universal nature and help promote inclusion and equality among members of the department. It is very easy to organize a HI-5 workshop for first responders in your town/ city. All you have to do is contact us to set up a workshop and we will take care of the rest. The 1-hour workshop is offered for free to first responders. The workshop is excellent addition to employee enrichment program, team-building program, and town/department wide celebrations.



There are several opportunities to become a part of the HI-5 initiative for first responders. Contact us for details.

  • You can sponsor a workshop.
  • You can sponsor a HI-5 poster.
  • You can sponsor the MWI Annual Convention.
  • You can sponsor research projects to make the programs better.



What does HI-5 stand for?

HI-5 stands for High-Impact Five techniques for instant stress relief.

Is there is a registration fee for HI-5?

HI-5 is offered for FREE to first responders.

Is the HI-5 program available to all first responders?


Are there any pre-requisites for the program?

There are no pre-requisites or credentials required to take the HI-5 program.

Are there any side-effects to the HI-5 program?

We have tested the program and there are no known side-effects to any of the techniques taught on the course.

Is there any literature or take-away notes given for reference after the program?

A poster with detail instructions will be sent to the department for reference.

I have completed the video instructions. Can I also attend the in-person workshop?

Yes. You can attend the program as many times as you like.

Is there any post-program support available?

Yes. Please contact us should you need any help after the program.